Mag T Safety Razor DELTA | Easy Click Blade Change

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Magnetized Blade Edge

Super EZ Blade Change

Fine Craftsmanship

Dynamic Design

Engineered for Performance

About Us

Our Mission is to develop Advanced Pioneering concepts in the personal care space.

The 'DELTA ' Razor represents the beginning of this journey to create cutting edge shaving solutions. It is not just a razor, it re-defines the classic safety razor as we know it to be. This is only the first step in our efforts to merge the power of Magnetism with Razor design.

We are Guided by our spirit for Innovation, Design capabilities & Engineering potential. Along with our Passion & Perseverance towards aiming higher, we endeavor to create products that are path breaking & possess high standards of excellence.

This product is protected under patents (pend.)



What Our Customers Say

"The shave itself is excellent. It gives me an effortless and comfortable two pass BBS, and I found out from last night's shave that even 24 hours later, there was not as much stubble as I usually have. "

Lester Ishimoto, USA.

What Our Customers Say

"It shaves quite good (and I have tried a lot, including Wolfman, RAW, Blackbird, Tatara etc.)It certainly is original"

koen Van De Casteele ,BEL.

What Our Customers Say

"Your razor shaves very well. That's a fact. It is different. It's appealing.
The weight is great for shaving and the glide is gorgeous."

Nicolas Garant ,FR.

What Our Customers say

No matter if shaving cream or soap.. mag t razor will help 4 a perfect shaving! Unleash the barber inside you 💈

Marco Caimi, ITALY.