DELTA - Forged Metal Magnetic (DE) Safety Razor

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The 'DELTA ' Razor – A Classic Re-Defined

Experience the Pioneering work that has created the most superior shave yet. Thru extensive Research & Innovation we have merged the Power of Magnetism with Razor Design of unparalleled proportions.

Forget the Hype of Multiple blade cartridges & adjustable razors. The 'DELTA ' Razor is One Blade encased in an extreme engineered setting that Cuts Hair Growth even 30 days on, with incredible ease. You will enjoy the XL Blade gap that ensures a smooth shave with no Irritation, bumps & clogs. In Addition, the strong inbuilt magnetic flux around the head maintains a sharper & longer lasting blade edge.

And if that’s not enough...

The 'DELTA ' Razor’s Unique features come with ;

  • A Fortified Blade Edge via Integrated Powerful Neodymium (NdFeB) Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
  • Sharper Longer Lasting Blades via enhanced bonding of molecules preventing Ionic loss of material from Blades Edge
  • EZ Click Mechanism for Safe, Secure & Easy Blade Change
  • Ability to clean blades and clogs while in your shaving routine with the EZ Pull apart system
  • Self-Standing Design for Comfortable user experience – No Stand required
  • Superbly Balanced @ Pivot Point of Grip
  • Heavy Weight (5 oz.) Solid Metal Alloy, Chrome Finish
  • Supreme, Futuristic, Classic Design
  • Elite Engineering for Precision, Position & Pressure
  • A Zero Plastic & long-term cost saving solution

 Specifications :

  •  Material : Zinc Alloy
  •  Finish     : Chrome