ALPHA - Teak Wood Magnetic (DE) Safety Razor

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    'ALPHA' - Teak Wood Handle -Premium Shaving Experience 

    Experience the Pioneering work that has created the most superior shave yet. Thru extensive Research & Innovation we have merged the Power of Magnetism with Razor Design of unparalleled proportions.

    Forget the Hype of Multiple blade cartridges & adjustable razors. The 'ALPHA' Razor is One Blade encased in an extreme engineered setting that Cuts Hair Growth even 30 days on, with incredible ease. You will enjoy the XL Blade gap that ensures a smooth shave with no Irritation, bumps & clogs. In Addition, the strong inbuilt magnetic flux around the head maintains a sharper & longer lasting blade edge.

    And if that’s not enough...

    The 'ALPHA ' Razor’s Unique features come with ;

    • A Fortified Blade Edge via Integrated Powerful Neodymium (NdFeB) Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
    • Sharper Longer Lasting Blades via enhanced bonding of molecules preventing Ionic loss of material from Blades Edge
    • EZ Click Mechanism for Safe, Secure & Easy Blade Change
    • Ability to clean blades and clogs while in your shaving routine with the EZ Pull apart system
    • Self-Standing Design for Comfortable user experience – No Stand required
    • Ideal Weight (3 oz.) Solid Metal Alloy, Chrome Finish & Teak wood Handle
    • Engineered for Precision, Position & Pressure
    • A Zero Plastic & long-term cost saving solution

     Specifications :

    •  Material : Zinc Alloy
    •  Finish     : Chrome 
    •  Handle    : Teak Wood