CARBON X - Mach 3 Razor + Travel Case & 4 Cartridges

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Reshaping our future by Remodeling the most widely used plastic Cartridge razor - The Gillette Mach 3- into a Premium, Handcrafted, Low Carbon Footprint razor. Built by positioning dual metal weights for exceptional balance, along with polished Teak Wood that makes for a Luxurious feel. The product comes with a Travel Case & 4 Cartridge Blades for convenient carriage .    

  • Handcrafted Teak wood & Metal Chrome Handle 
  • Well-balanced, weighted Razor (34 gms /1.2 Oz)
  • Built as an Environmentally-friendly option. 
  • Minimum plastic components (less than 5% by Weight)
  • Blades made with Swedish Diamond Coated Steel 
  • Cartridges come with Elastic Induction Strip for smooth Shave
  • Compatible wit GILLETTE Mach 3 Cartridge Blades
  Contents : 1 Razor + Pack of 4 Cartridges + Travel Case