Why Safety Razors are better environment friendly ?

We all have  heard of safety razors a traditional shaving tool. To be honest, safety razor is the best eco-friendly alternative to disposable razors , although it has been forgotten by new age users it is still most preferable and best shaving tool known to man.

Popularity of a safety razor amongst shavers as it is considered to be difficult and risky to use which was influenced by disposable razor brands. But true fact is its very convenient and doesn't give cut & nicks if you pick a right razor.

Disposable Razors are generally made out of plastic, and are not made to last very long at all. Big corporations have made shaving cheaper and far more disposable over the long term for recurring purchases . And it has been marketed so well that all new shavers go for disposable razors, & that too they use only once or twice before trashing it. 

In the US, 2 billion disposable razors are trashed every single year while in the UK, hundreds of millions are also thrown out.

Biggest worry is  the materials they are made of ! Disposable razors are usually made of many different components which makes them very hard to recycle. The handle is often made up of plastic, and more often than not it contains rubber for easier and better grip. The head with metal blades embedded in a plastic cavity is hardest to segregate and recycling machinery aren't well equipped to dislodge metal from plastic, so the majority end up in landfills or contaminating our water systems.

We do not realise this damage we cause with our daily chores to environment ,but there is one solution a Safety razor !

Safety Razors 
are generally made up of metal and handles sometimes made from wood like bamboo ,teak or neem wood. And since there are made up of durable material only thing that needs to be changed is blades.

Another fact is , safety razor blades are standard & are really available with cost per blade being very low , this also saves up your shaving cost. Razors are very easier to use especially Magnetic Safety razors are very quick to clean and change blades.

So why not shift to safety razors ? that inadvertently helps our planet , and by breaking the fear of getting cut or perception that more know how is needed for using one . Its absolutely a wonderful tool designed by human and it is till a best shaving tool one should consider using.