Are Shaving Razors Allowed in Hand luggage on a Flight ? Travel do's & don'ts

Yes Indeed , You can carry Razors on in Hand Luggage ! But here i few do's & don'ts when you are travelling

There's always a doubt about carrying razors in flight  given that they are sharp and can potentially cause injury, razors are one of those items that many presume will be restricted by airport authorities, but there are few things you need to know . Here are things you need to know before caring you shaving tool on flight.

Disposable Cartridge Razors - Trac ,MACH3 or Fusion 

As per major Airport authorities disposable or cartridge razors are allowed as blades are fixed within razor and not practice to remove to cause any injury or harm to others on flight .

Extra Cartridges
Yes you can carry along extra cartridge blades without any issue , for example Mach 3 blades pack of extra blades can be carried in you luggage .But it is recommended by few airports that blades should be covered in casing or a pouch . So keeping that in mind for seamless checking it is recommended to have shaving Travel set with Razor and Blades , so authority quickly identifies it as a shaving kit without digging around your bag.   

We have designed a travel set kit which you can carry robust and elegant wood MACH 3 Razor with pack of disposable cartridges . Which comes with hard travel pouch with zip and foam for cushioning razor.

Safety Razor

If your safety Razor user good news is you can carry razor along but without safety blades ! 

Safety Razor Blades 

Disposable razor cartridges are allowed in hand luggage, but  to learn that individual loose safety are not allowed . As they can be used to harm other passenger ! 

Straight Razor 

Unfortunately airlines don allow to carry straight Razor and blades in hand luggage , So if your traditional shave you might have to try using safety razor as you travel . But as you prefer straight razor you might consider carrying  XL blade gap open Comb Razor.

All electrical trimmers are allowed in hand luggage , so those who trim there is nothing to worry about .

So above are few facts you should know to avoid your shaving razor or blades confiscated .


But can i carry items in check in Luggage ?
Absolutely ! There are no restriction caring loose safety blades , Straight Razor or cartridge razor in check in luggage . So if you wish to carry your shaving kit or shaving razors and loose blades there is nothing to worry about .

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